Chiwda Masala

Kamdhenu Chiwda Masala is a unique blend of succulent spice which delivers Chatakdaar variety of chiwda preparations every festive season.

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Available In : 100 gm & 50 gm

Recommended Use:
You can use : Kamdhenu Chiwda Masala during every festive season to make Makka Chiwda, Bhazka Pohe Chiwda, Pattal Pohe Chiwda, Dagdi Pohe Chiwda, Murmura and Bhadang.

Recipe : Bhazka Pohe Chiwda
Fry Groundnuts, Kadipatta, dried Coconut, Dry Fruits of your choice, Chana Daal etc. and keep aside. Mix 50 gm Kamdhenu Chiwda Masala in 100 gm of cooled down Oil thoroughly. Mix this mixture with 1 Kg roasted Pohe. Add Salt, Chilli Powder and Ground Sugar to Taste. Add previously fried items and mix well. Chatakdaar Chiwda is ready in minutes.


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