Ready Pickle Masala

Kamdhenu Pickle Masala shares the long kept secret of the spice mix used to make our own pickles every year. Celebrating the art of making fresh pickle at home in minutes has now become hassle free.

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Available in: 100 gm

Recommended Use:
You can use Kamdhenu Pickle Masala to pickle fresh Mango, Lime, Chilli, Carrot, Muli, Mix etc. and othe seasonal Fruits and vegetables.

Recipe: Fresh Mango Pickle
Heat 50 ml Oil and keep it aside to cool down. Add 100 gm Kamdhenu Pickle Masala to 300 gm of diced Raw Mango pieces and 50 ml cooled down Oil and mix thoroughly. Fill the pickle in glass jar. Top up with cooled down Oil such that the pickle is covered. Shut the lid tight to preserve the pickle for longer.


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